It's Been a Rocky Road, but A$AP is Back!

Posted by Imani Gabriel on

American rapper A$AP Rocky was released from custody late Friday night. He is back in the United States awaiting an August 14th verdict on the assault charges that landed him in Swedish jail for over 3 weeks. It has been confirmed that Rocky and the other defendants are now free to travel outside of the country now that their trial has ended. 

The rapper's return was welcomed by many celebrities and friends of his such as A$AP Ferg, Quincy Jones, Drake, Joey Badass, Pharell, Dwayne Johnson, Micheal B. Jordan, Rico Nasty and many more who expressed their joy of Rocky's release. Among those on this long list of people who celebrated Rocky's return was President Donald J. Trump. President Trump had become personally involved in the rapper's case, and quickly brought his presidential fingers to Twitter to spread the good news with a witty tweet. 

A$AP shares a very heartfelt thank-you on Instagram thanking his fans, friends and everyone who has supported him during this difficult time. He also thanks the court for allowing him, and his friends, Bladi and Thoto who were involved in the assault case along with Rocky, to return home to their friends and families. 

Trump sent Hostage Envoy Robert O'Brien to represent the rapper and his friends in this assault case, which led to their release which O'Brien called "the right decision." Prosecutor Daniel Suneson thinks otherwise, and warned O'Brien that the group's release should not be interpreted as exoneration. Until the court's ruling on August 14th, I encourage all A$AP Rocky supporters to stay hopeful and continue to support. 


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