A$AP Rocky's Inhumane Arrest Backfires on Sweden

Posted by Imani Gabriel on

A$AP Rocky was taken into Swedish jail after he, his friend, and his bodyguard defended themselves from the attack of two Swedish citizens. The attack happened June 20. It is going on 3 weeks, and Rocky is still in custody of Sweden, awaiting trial for accusations of assault. Not only is Rocky's arrest unfair, but it is alleged that Rocky is being held in solitary confinement without "access to palatable food." While in custody, Rocky has been forced to cancel 12 shows. This includes his European festival and tour dates for this month.

According to Swedish law, there are circumstances where a person can be compensated for money loss while detained. If found not guilty, Sweden would owe Rocky up to $2million based on the idea that Rocky makes about $100,000 a show. Though Rocky may be compensated, there is nothing to reimburse him for the comfort and peace that was lost within the midst of this situation, or the trauma that may follow. Anderson Paak shares some strong feelings with TMZ about Rocky's arrest. All the rapper has endured thus far, Paak says "you can't put no price on that."

A Change.Org has started a petition for Rocky's freedom that now has over 600,000 signatures. Many are moved by his case, even a surprising ally has shown some concern. 

President Donald J. Trump has become involved in the rapper's case after Kim and Kanye brought the incident to his attention. According the president's tweets, he had a phone call with the Swedish prime minister who assured him that "American citizen A$AP Rocky will be treated fairly."

However, authorities say that a second extension has been requested for the investigation. This means that Rocky and friends could be detained up to July 25. We are hoping that Rocky and his American colleagues are granted a fair trial, and that they all make it safely back home!




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