Cardi B's Indianapolis Concert Cancelled due to Security Threat

"They said they gon do what to who?" On Tuesday night, Bankers Life Fieldhouse brought to the public's attention that the sold-out Cardi B concert they were hosting would be postponed due to an unverified threat. They released a statement that reads as followed:

"Due to a security threat and safety concerns at the July 30th show, management has advised that the show be postponed. These threats are currently under investigation."

Shortly after their announcement, Cardi B took to Twitter and Instagram to apologize to her fans for the unfortunate cancellation. 

Some fans responded with claims that the threats were from Trump supporters due to that fact that Cardi is now widely speaking against Trump more than ever and pushing all of her follower groups to vote Democrat. As a part of making her voice in politics be known, the rapper has met a few times with Bernie Sanders this summer. She and the current presidential candidate are working on a way to "involve more young people in the political process." We stan an artist who stans politics. Many are surprised, some almost offended, by the rapper's interest in politics, but Cardi does not let the haters stop her, and makes it very clear that the main goal is just getting people to learn their candidates. 

Other fans speculated that Cardi made up the claim because she did not feel like attending the concert. Many fans that traveled a long way to attend to the concert were highly upset about the cancellation. Some concluded that Cardi cancelled because she was "drunk" or "in pain from surgery," and that she never had intentions to attend the show. Cardi put those rumors to an end immediately through social media. 


As well as defending herself verbally through social media platforms, her Instagram showed an overview of her Tuesday that included a post to Instagram Stories that showed her on a jet, an Instagram video that showed a rehearsal at the venue's location, timestamped at 4:26 pm, and Cardi B showed a screen cap to Twitter in a now deleted tweet of her on an airplane at 7:07 pm Tuesday morning, leaving Indianapolis. 

Regardless of where the threats originated, Cardi's safety should be our number one concern. We are just glad that Cardi is well protected. Fortunately Cardi was able to attend her concert in Charlottesville, Virginia the next day, but as for the July 30th Indianapolis concert, it is said to have been rescheduled to September 11th. More info on updates can be found at the link below.


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