Drake Sends His Fans a Care Package

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On Thursday, Drake gave fans the album they never knew they needed. Care Package is a collection of essential Drake throwbacks that are bound to leave you with a feeling of nostalgia and a deeper understanding of the artist himself. Each song on the album was picked with purpose and reflects a significant time in Drake's career. From the classic rap anthem "How Bout Now" to an introspective "Club Paradise" to his famous remake "Paris Morton Music," this album is more than a collection of bops; it tells a story about Drake's career. 

The track list starts with "Dreams Money Can Buy" which Drake released late 2011 after his first No. 1 album Thank Me Later. This song was one of the first singles he released from his acclaimed sophomore album Take Care which is Drake's best-selling album of all time. The song reveals the rapper's thoughts and feelings during his big break into the rap industry with lyrics like "YMCMB/ These n*ggas make it so hard to be friendly when I know part of it's envy" which reflects the the jealousy upon his success and being signed to a record label as high as Young Money Cash Money Billionaires. 

Further down the list is "I Get Lonely," Drake's remake of the TLC song "Fan Mail." This song is a reflection of how Drake's love life may be affected by his career life. In "I Get Lonely," Drake talks about a girl who he isn't steady with due to his rapper lifestyle, but he ensures this girl that when she becomes lonesome during the times that he is away, he misses her too and also gets lonely. 

Major artists such as Beyoncé, J Cole, and Rick Ross are featured on this album. From this musically composed letter to his fans, we can conclude that Drake is not the "typical" rapper and he embraces that. He had people that didn't believe in his rap career who didn't really mess with him back then, but apparently have tried to reach out to him now. He has trust issues just like most of us, Jodeci was a great influence to him, he spends some afternoons in Calabasas, he gets lonely too, and he longs to show a special somebody who he "really is" and "take her to the six" where he really stays. 

Since its release, Care Package has reached #1 on US Apple Music and all songs from the album are in the Top 100 on Spotify. Last year, Drake was tied with Kanye and Eminem for the most consecutive No. 1 albums. Drake currently has 8 No. 1 albums, and with Care Package between 100,000-120,000 units, it is expected to be the artist's 9th album to debut at #1, which will allow him to tie with The Rolling Stones' rank on the charts with consecutive 9  No. 1 albums. 

Drake is currently the soloist with the most Hot 100 entries and the artist with the most consecutive weeks on the Hot 100. Maybe the added success from Care Package will inspire another album that will continue this musical tribute to his career and give Drake his tenth No. 1 album.


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