Imani Gabriel

So this morning, he trending hashtag on Twitter was #RIHANNAISPREGNANT 

But before we all get excited, is she really?

At the 5th Diamond Ball, Rihanna took place in a brief interview with Essence expressing her admiration for Black women and their strength and beauty. In her speech, the musically talented entrepreneur stated, "I'm a Black woman. I come from a Black woman who came from a Black woman...and I'm going to give birth to a Black woman." A lot of fans took this statement as a hint to her being pregnant. 

Photos from the Diamond Ball and videos from Rihanna's performance with Pharell suggest that the star has a baby bump.

Others argue it is just the style of the dress that makes her appear pregnant, and note that the star did enjoy a few sips of champagne at her event. 



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Though we may be anxious to welcome Baby Fenty into the world, we may just have to wait. The question of whether Riri is pregnant or not will be answered when the Queen Fenty herself decides to tell it. 

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