Kevin Gates Releases His Sophomore Album, "I'm Him"

Posted by Imani Gabriel on

Last night, Gates dropped his highly-anticipated album I'm Him which is a follow-up to his last album Islah that was successfully released in 2016. 

Gates has always been very open about his life with the public, but never without purpose. He wants people to understand who he is, so nevertheless, on I'm Him, Gates continues to tell his story, rather than letting others tell it for him. Throughout the 17-track collection of Gates' introspective rhymes, he delivers a deep insight to his life and the many sides of his self he wants us to see. 

Since the release of I'm Him, Gates has already dropped the music video for his into "RBS Intro." 

HIM is an acronym for "His Imperial Majesty." HIM refers to the title that was given to emperors and empresses to distinguish them from others by status. Emperors rule the entire empire, while kings rule smaller kingdoms. Also, emperors usually follow religious leaders who are styled "His Holiness." Like emperors, Gates is a very profound Muslim and takes religion very seriously. Gates is making a very big statement about his identity and the level of respect he deserves with this album.

"The key to happiness is holding yourself accountable," Gates says in an interview with Ebro Darden about the meaning of his album and the struggles he has faced that brought him to becoming who he is. It is because Gates has held himself accountable that he has achieves all of the successes he has.

Gates tells the world that he is HIM, and if you are still curious as to why, listen to the album. 


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